Designed whimsical party in a box!

Hello People! I'm Anjali Gupta, mother of two adorable kids Aarin & Aria, who are my inspiration for The Aarin & Aria Co. I have an extremely supportive husband, parents, brother & talented craftsmen, who have helped me convert my dream of making a perfect party box, which is whimsical, creative, original & beautiful, handcrafted for your little one's big milestone, a reality!
Anything is possible in a child's imagination. Here, at The Aarin & Aria Co., we believe in celebrating each child's whimsical imaginations & transform them into a party box! Each box is carefully conceptualized, sketched, designed, printed, lasercut, crafted, embellished and packed with utmost attention to detail for your special day.
We have created Three different boxes for each theme, for you to chose from;
The Petite Box
The Grand Box
The Custom Box
Each box comes with personalized invitations.

Let Aarin & Aria take you on their whimsical journey of adventures!!
So, are you ready to party with us?

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